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Ceramic kilns


First ceramic kiln online course in the world
Discover a new universe in online training
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1.- Make the students of the course gain a solid base that allows them to have an adequate, general vision of ceramic kilns.
2.- Promote the deep understanding of the contents of the course explained in the agenda outline. The reality of ceramic kilns is reflected in the course so that the result of the training can be practical and useful.
3.- Get to know the techniques on cooking, achieving and adjusting the curves of the kilns and the different solutions to the problems that a technician may find.


Chapter 1 Ceramic Roller Kiln
– General presentation.

Chapter 2 Parts of the kiln
– Understanding the parts
– Temperature distribution in each part.

Chapter 3 Kiln Curve Regulation
– Pressure inside the kiln.

-Cracks in the edges
-Breaking during preheating
-Cooling break
-Cracks during preheating or drying
-Cracks in the center of the piece
-Black heart
-Dimensional defects
-Enamel defects (holes, bubbles, etc.)