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About Us

Formalitas was born in 2009 in Castellón as a training company in the ceramics sector and it is the result of gained knowledge throughout our profesional trajectory in the field of ceramics and kilns. Our company experienced a fast growth in the Spanish territory until we reached international markets.

Currently, the company finds itself immersed in a new and innovative Project 4.0 of digitalizing all of our training courses offering the online format as well as our direct tutoring with our teachers.

Here at Formalitas we are a team of professional technicians that share only quality services based on the relationship and the trust with our clients.

Manolo Marqués

CEO Formálitas


Our Objectives

We understand your needs and offer you high quality services

We offer you online technical courses about ceramics with practical examples of real problems.


You can choose between the face-to-face course in-company or through our virtual platforms.


We offer you a kiln or press problem solving service, digitally with assistance tickets online.


We create learning plataforms for companies with their corporative image pointing at their employees or clients.


Demo Kiln Course


Our Team

foto manolo1
Manolo Marqués

Ceramic Kiln Teacher
CEO Formálitas

foto juanjo
Juanjo Barreda

Ceramic Press Teacher
CEO Asitec

Pierluigi Dal Corso

Digital Injection Teacher
CEO Inkjet Design

Glenys Linares

Virtual Classroom and Social Media

Alex foto buena
Alejandro Baena

Video Production Director


Our on-line Tecnology


Fast connection

Our platforms have replicated high speed servers so that we do not have problems with connectivity. Our priority is to offer security and quality in our services.


Responsive Courses

All our courses have been created with responsive technology so that you have access to them through any device such as a pc, tablet or smartphone.


Minimalist Design

We have designed an online, intuitive and natural format of the class with the purpose of providing the student a concise learning. Our teachers use interactive materials including images and videos during the sessions.


Videoconference Tutoring

Once the course is completed, you will have reduced group tutoring with your teacher via conference calls with a translator in case of needing one. This way all your questions about the course will be answered.


Our Courses

On-line course program
Ceramic Kilns


  • 60h Training
  • Interactive course
  • Real exerices
  • Acredited diploma
  • 2h Of live tutoring
  • Begins 5th Sept.
Ceramic Press

  • 60h Training
  • Interactive course
  • Real exerices
  • Acredited diploma
  • 2h Of live tutoring
  • Coming soon
Digital Ceramic Injection

  • 60h Training
  • Interactive course
  • Real exerices
  • Acredited diploma
  • 2h Of live tutoring
  • Coming soon


What our clients say about us

Formalitas´ course on ceramic kilns was imparted by Manolo Marqués, in the facilities of Itaca and Esmalglass for the AT, design, and pilot plant technicians. It has been very useful on the level of the theory to set the bases and knowledge of ceramic cooking as well as the practical part to make good use of it at the AT to our clients. It has helped us into assessing our clients on how to fix problems related to ceramic cooking. It has also helped us into recommending Formalitas and Manolo Marqués to some of our clients so that any doubts or problems can be resolved. In summary, it has been a very useful and practical course based on real life experiences collected by the teacher.

José Sevillá

Technical Assitance Director at ESMALGLASS – ITACA

Something that stood out to me during the course imparted by Formalitas and Manolo Marqués at Ceracasa is the imminent pragmatic character of the course. This aspect is a result of the experiences lived by Manolo in real ceramic factories around the world, and they go hand in hand with an 100% teacher´s spirit. All those qualities make the course very interesting and indulging for any ceramic technician.

José Luis Ros

Technical Director at CERACASA

My technicians have completed the kiln course through Formalitas and Mr. Manolo Marqués who have been of great help for my company.

Karim Berraira

Manager at Tougres Ceramic ( ALGERIA)

I have assisted to the courses given by Formalitas and Mr. Manolo Marqués on Ceramic Kilns and they have shown fast results and efficiency in productivity.

Mr Tighiouaret Malik

ex Laboratory Director at SAFCER Ceramicas and present-day Technical Director Sekceram


Why us?

We understand your needs and offer you top quality services.


We offer Online technical ceramic courses. Our courses are interactive, with practical exercises on real problems with ceramics. Our platform is in a replicated, high speed server with 24/7 maintenance Once the course is finished, you will have a live, online tutoring with your teacher. In Spain, these courses are reimbursable through FUNDAE, in this case, we would conduct the reimburse.


We have portable classrooms, to impart ceramic training in any part of the world with specialist technicians. They are always practical courses with technical problem resolution in situ. We offer the possibility to participate in the course through our virtual classrooms, in this case, the teacher is in our headquarters and the students access the course through their computers in all parts of the world. We manage the reimbursement for FUNDAE in Spain only.


We offer problem-solving services through online assistance tickets. When the client has a difficult technical problem, he will acquire a ticket to connect through a videoconference call with our technicians and we will resolve the problem. Currently, this service is available for kilns, presses, and digital injection.


We set up learning platforms in different companies with their image, so that they train their employees or clients. We offer lodging, platform maintenance and online course construction. (SCORM package video recording and creating.)

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